"A Good Fight": Lessons From the Life of Paul
By Ruby Ratzlaff

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It has often been observed that the influence, which Paul exercised, on the hearts and minds of men is greater than that of any other writer in the world’s history. The success of the spread of the gospel in apostolic times must in large measure be credited to this intrepid warrior of the cross.

Now, as earth’s history nears its glorious climax, some of us may be called upon to stand before a modern Agrippa, bare our backs to thirty-nine lashes, withstand the rigors of primitive living, make tents to pay expenses, sing praises in prison at midnight, or speak boldly in rebuke of selfishness and lawlessness.

In this book Paul’s exploits are simply drawn. It is the author’s hope that these pages may inspire modern apostles to exalt the risen Christ before an unbelieving world.