Four on the Edge
Four on the Edge
By Heidi Borrink

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Jim:  Football star. Youth leader. Big man on campus. What would his parents and coach do if

         they knew he smoked?

Holly:  Jim’s pretty girlfriend. Popular cheerleader. Always flirting and trying to please. Holly

         and Jim had the perfect relationship—till that night they parked in a dark driveway . . .

Keeler:  The new kid in school. The wild misfit. Getting stoned is his way to drown out the

         loneliness. What will happen when Jim, his only friend, discovers Keeler’s dark secrets?

Sonia:  Jim’s shy little sister. She feels so left out. She’s got a major crush on Keeler. But the

         reality of their ill-fated encounter turns her romantic fantasy into a nightmare. 

Four kids teeter on the razor-thin edge of life that separates reality from fantasy, choice from consequence, and childhood from adulthood. There’s no going back, and no one knows what’s ahead. Only one thing is certain—they’ve gotta keep moving. 

This true-to-life story of friends, parents, sports, sex, drugs, responsibility, and God could be the story of someone you know . . . or it could be yours.