John Tay, Messenger to Pitcairn
John Tay, Messenger to Pitcairn
By Sadie Engen

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Most Seventh-day Adventists know about the Pitcairn, a sailing vessel paid for by Sabbath School offerings from around the world in 1890. The ship sailed from Oakland directly to Pitcairn island. Why did the Seventh-day Adventists build, outfit, and send the Pitcairn across the ocean? 

In 1886 John Tay had come to the island and had received permission to stay there until another ship would stop by. John Tay made friends with the island people, especially two young boys—Thomas Christian, usually called Tom, and George Young. 

When this man had to leave the island, he returned to California and inspired the people with his stories of Pitcairn. Thus inspired, Adventists designated the Sabbath School offerings for the building of a missionary sailing vessel to take the gospel message to the South Sea Islands.

This book is the story of John Tay, the trailblazer who brought the message to Pitcairn, and his young friends Tom and George.