Redemption In Genesis
Redemption In Genesis
By John Nixon

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In Redemption in Genesis, John S. Nixon looks for Jesus in the Bible’s beginning – in places where most Christians would not normally seek Him, places where His presence is not obvious. A popular and practiced preacher, Nixon draws new, refreshing lessons from the familiar, well-rehearsed stories in Genesis: Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham.
We must recognize, however, that searching for the glory of Christ anywhere in Scripture has its consequences.  For wherever we find Him, cast our gaze on Him, and get a clearer picture of His beauty, we will see ourselves with increased clarity, and we will always suffer by comparison. Christ clearly revealed casts our beauty, our strength, our wisdom, our self-confidence in the dust.
The Old Testament prophets who were looking for the Messiah exemplified the attributes of Christ in ways even they didn’t fully understand. Through them we see how it is that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled all righteousness by exhibiting all the graces of God in every stage of His life. He is the ultimate meaning of Eden’s lamb, of Noah’s ark, of Sodom’s destruction, of Abraham’s ram in the thicket.
Through the filter of Jesus Christ, even the metaphors, shadows, and symbols of Genesis reveal Redemption anew as that which compels us to complete self-abandonment and reliance on Him. Our experience with him will be all the sweeter for having searched Him out and brought Him forth from the murky shadows and cryptic symbols of Genesis into the clear and glorious light of revelation.
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