The Life That Wins
The Life That Wins
By Matilda E. Andross

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“Talk to me about religion, —simple, experimental religion,” was the request of Thomas Huxley, the infidel scientist, to a Christian friend one day as they walked in the garden. 

Sooner or later, every man yearns for religion—not a hair-splitting theology, nor doctrine, nor creed, but simple, experimental religion. This little book, a fitting companion to Alone with God, emphasizes just that thing, —experimental Christianity. 

The author talks of Christianity in its simplest yet most comprehensive terms: love, service, others. She talks of that greatest miracle on earth, a human life that wins for Christ; and of the greatest opportunity that comes to any man, the opportunity to live that life. Such a volume is surely needed when there is so much profession of Christianity, and so little genuine religion.