Witnesses Through Trial
Witnesses Through Trial
By Marvin Moore

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Now she could make out the shapes of the wagons surrounding the fires. A man in a red shirt held a rifle across his shoulder with one hand and stirred the fire with the other. Creeping up to the nearest wagon, Catherine rested against its wheel.

The owl hoots sounded closer, the dog tensed, pointed its ears toward the hoots on the left and growled. Catherine took a deep breath, and for an instant she closed her eyes. "God, don't let it happen!" she breathed.

A terrible cry pierced the air. The man at the fire leaped for his gun and fired a wild shot into the sky. An arrow hit the side of the wagon where Catherine stood, and inside a woman shrieked. The Indian warriors rushed into the camp.

Witnesses Through Trial is a collection of stories of men, women, and children who experienced suffering and, through their endurance, witnessed to others.