1919: The Story of Adventism's Struggle with Fundamentalism
1919: The Story of Adventism's Struggle with Fundamentalism
By Michael W. Campbell

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100 Years Later, the debates continue...

A Defining Moment in Adventist History

In 1919, the world was reeling from the destructive forces of First World War, American Protestants were coming together to defend the inerrancy of the Bible through what became known as Fundamentalism, and Adventists were trying to recover from the death of their prophetic figure, Ellen White, four years earlier.

With a need to establish their identity in rapidly changing times, 65 Adventist leaders, editors and Bible teachers met from July 1 to August 9, 1919, in the basement of the Washington Missionary College in Takoma Park, Maryland to engage in discussions so heated that A. G. Daniells at times asked the stenographers to stop recording.  Minutes from this meeting were so sensitive that they were buried in archives until 1975.

And Adventists struggle with the same questions about Ellen G. White 100 years later. 

Relive the debates.  Reexamine the challenges.  Reignite your passion for the Spirit of Prophecy.