Boost Your Immune System: Using God's Natural Remedies
Boost Your Immune System: Using God's Natural Remedies
By Don Hall

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It takes a pandemic.

If we have learned nothing else from the COVID-19 pandemic. it has been the importance of our own immune system. Prior to the release and deployment of vaccines, the only defense has been our own immunity.

Your body has a defense system, and depending on your lifestyle choices, you can either strengthen or destroy that system.

In Boost Your Immune System, Dr. Donald Hall outlines four key strategies to lower your risk of chronic and infectious disease. These four steps, based on God's natural remedies, bring together common sense and current data in a practical "how to" guide.

You will learn how to limit exposure to disease and how to maintain a healthy immune system. You will learn steps to develop a healthy lifestyle, and you will learn about the importance of receiving good medical care.

Follow these four easy strategies, and you will boost your immune system and build up a wall of defense against infections and disease.