Congressman Jerry L. Pettis: His Story
Congressman Jerry L. Pettis: His Story
By Miriam Wood

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How could a small-town Arizona boy, raised in poverty at the height of the Great Depression, grow up to become the first Seventh-day Adventist United States congressman? 

Jerry had an obsession with progress and a notable personal charisma that opened doors to aviation, to financial success, to a university appointment, to public relations expertise, and to Congress—to say nothing of his love and marriage, adeptness at sports of almost every kind, and coolness under terrific pressures. 

Even the final tragedy that brought Jerry’s life to an untimely end carried with it an aura of nobility—but you will have to read about it all. Miram Wood, a classmate of Jerry’s at Pacific Union College, traces the dynamics and the milestones of one of the outstanding men of our times—Jerry Pettis, congressman.