Do Justice: Our Call to Faithful Living
Do Justice: Our Call to Faithful Living
By Nathan Brown, Joanna Darby

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28 chapters exploring the intersection of faith and justice in our lives, our churches, our homes and our world.

“Reading the Scriptures through, I have been astounded to observe how God’s incessant and insistent solidarity with the poor is woven into the very fabric of the sacred story. Major and minor prophet and apostle alike summon us to share in that solidarity.”—Dwight Nelson

“Let us walk on the right side of spirituality. The side where we touch the world’s hurt. The side of risky response. The side that moves us beyond loving mercy to doing justly.”—Chris Blake

“With such a prophetic heritage, Adventists must always be people who speak to what we see around us, even as we continue asking God for ever-clearer vision.”—Kendra Haloviak Valentine

“I don’t expect that this work will ever be finished, any more than the work of teachers, doctors or engineers is ever finished. It is simply part of my worship, the kind of fasting that God has chosen.”—Lisa Clark Diller

“Look around you. There are men and women and children who await the justice you can enact, the mercy you can bestow.”—Ty Gibson

“Biblical justice should be the pursuit of every human being—and love should be its foundation.”—Ella Smith Simmons