Esther: Courage to Stand
Esther: Courage to Stand
By Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

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She was stolen from her home on the whim of a king, simply because she was beautiful. It didn’t matter to the soldiers that she didn’t want to go—no one questioned the king’s orders. She was no the king’s property, and she could never leave the palace. Even if the king didn’t want her.

But as it turned out, he did want her. So this once-carefree Jewish girl became the wife of a powerful pagan king. She was queen. There were plenty of other girls who had coveted the privilege, but Esther spent years wondering why God had allowed this to happen. What possible reason could there be for such a bizarre turn of events in her life?

Then one day the answer lay before her, shining and dangerous as a sword. Mordecai had finally found the answer she had been searching for, and he placed it in her hands.

This was her purpose. This is what she was here for. And somehow she had to find the courage to stand.