Habits of the Heart: Biblical Principles for Growing Christians
Habits of the Heart: Biblical Principles for Growing Christians
By Kenneth C. Crawford

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Do you remember your first encounter with God?

And after you first committed your life to Christ, did you wonder, “OK, now what?” Growing Christians often need a spiritual mentor—someone to share insights, offer tips for growth, and point out potential pitfalls along the journey.

In Habits of the Heart, author Kenneth Crawford highlights principles for spiritual growth drawn from his own testimony and Christian experience.

Start by exploring strategies for establishing and growing God’s kingdom in your own heart because there is no more cruel existence in the realm of Christianity than a life without the assurance of salvation. Learn to give God permission to change you, listen as He communicates, and intentionally experience gratitude.

Then dive into ways you can share the story of God’s work in your life. The most powerful witness you have on earth is the story of what Jesus has done for you. The devil cannot dispute it; atheists cannot deny it; agnostics cannot argue against it. By sharing, you can bring your faith walk full circle by mentoring other growing Christians.

If you’re longing for a deeper experience with Jesus, it’s time to embrace the Habits of the Heart.