Have You Ever Been Lost?
Have You Ever Been Lost?
By Chris Holland

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Have you ever been lost?  Maybe you’ve faced a crossroad in life with no idea which way to go. Possibly you’ve taken a wrong turn and nothing looks familiar. It’s inevitable, your anxiety level increases dramatically when you know that you are lost. 

Maybe thinking about being physically lost has you thinking about other emotions that come with it—the overall uncertainty of what to do, or that unsettled feeling of wandering alone in the wilderness. 

In the Bible we find hope for the wanderer, hope for the restless soul who is looking for something more. There is assurance here in a world of so much uncertainty. In this book we will look at Luke 15 and see that we do not need to feel lost. We can be found and live a life of assurance!


Have You Ever Been Lost by It Is Written Canada speaker/director Chris Holland is the perfect gift for that friend facing a big change in life or that family member facing a personal crisis.  

Carefully written with a non-Adventist audience in mind, the author draws heavily from Luke 15, the Desire of Ages, and current stories.  This is an easy book to read, but one with a powerful message that builds to the encouraging final paragraph: 

“You may have been away from Him and not known it; you might be in a church but feel lost; you might have intentionally walked away, or maybe you’ve even denied Him. The promise of Jesus is that He will take you back. Though you’ve been lost, He will restore you. All of heaven will have a celebration when Jesus ultimately brings us home to be with Him and we are forever safe. The Father will be waiting for you with open arms.”