Joy: The Secret of Being Content
Joy: The Secret of Being Content
By Celeste Perrino Walker

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Your Joy May Be Complete 

Now. Not tomorrow. Not when you become the perfect Christian, but today. If you are not filled with joy, then you aren't taking advantage of all heaven is offering you. 

Céleste Walker thought her life would turn out all June Cleaverish. "I did all the right things. Said all the right things. Accepted all the right positions. Prayed all the right prayers. Read all the right books. But I was bone-tired of living and being disappointed. I was tired of the endless trying and failing. Because even when your life seems like a success on the outside, it can be the most intimate failure to you personally." 

Finally one day in a bleak midwinter snow bank she screamed out to God, "Where are You? Why don't You do something? Show me how believing You makes a difference in my life, or I won't believe in You anymore." 

Result: her life went from bad to worse! But she discovered that as the flower's scent is released by the heel that crushes it, so joy is released through pain. It is through our discomfort that we grow. And joy is the emotional fuel for the journey. 

This book is a toolbox for keeping your joy flowing. The author explains how to replace negative self-talk with positive. How to minimize joy killers, such as strife, stress, disappointment, impatience, and a lack of boundaries. How to nurture joy until it becomes your anchor and takes over your life. 

You can have a little heaven now. Here's how.