Lord, Save My Church: Tackling the Tough Issues
Lord, Save My Church: Tackling the Tough Issues
By Richard O'Ffill

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We expect the devil and his minions to come into the church like a herd of elephants. Instead, they come in like a swarm of termites – unnoticed.

All may appear normal, but the fact is, the load-bearing truths that hold up our message are under attack. Satan’s been quietly gnawing away at the framework of our church for 170 years. We didn’t hear a thing; we didn’t see the signs of his destructive power until the damage had been done.

There is no doubt that we are in a time of change. The home, the church, and the society of tomorrow definitely will not be what we have known before….The question we must ask is, What will they be now?

With candor, Richard W. O’Ffill offers a wide variety of talking points for biblical truth and Christian living. In a media-saturated world where it is easier to hear more about the life of Britney Spears than the life of Christ, we must confront our assumptions and prejudices in light of the gospel.

In the ninety-some brief assertions and defenses in this book you will find much to ponder. You will agree with many. Pay special attention to those you don’t. The Holy Spirit may be trying to tell you something.