Prophets are People: Believe It or Not
Prophets are People: Believe It or Not
By Bobbie Jane Van Dolson

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Can you imagine God speaking through a man who is always interrupting His visions to ask “What’s that?” or “What is he doing?” He did.

Would God make a prophet out of a man who complains because he thinks bad people are getting along better in the world than the good people? He did.

What about a man whose wife runs off, leaving him with three children to take care of? Could God use this man as a prophet? He did.

These stories will help the reader see that prophets really “are” people with problems like us today. As you read about the Minor Prophets and their work, you will relate to them as people like each of us today.

This book will help the reader understand that just as He used the prophets of Bible times God can use each of us no matter our problems and struggles in life.