The Wonder of Jesus: He Still Touches Hearts
The Wonder of Jesus: He Still Touches Hearts
By Roy Adams

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Take a closer look at Jesus of Nazareth.    The wisdom of His teachings.    He spoke to ordinary people in terms both amazingly simple and utterly profound.    The puzzle of His conduct.    He spent His time with undesirables, his behavior questionable and confusing.     The intensity of His walk.   He carried on His shoulders a cosmic burden.  He dared not fail.    The reality of His humanity, the mystery of His deity, the importance of His heavenly ministry. . . Every aspect of His life reveals a passionate, tender love that will draw you closer to Him.    With the wide-eyed curiosity of a child, Roy Adams searches the Gospels to find out more about this mystery, the Man who is God. The message Adams discovers is refreshing and thought-provoking. It will leave you amazed by the Savior, aware of the needs all around you, compelled to walk in His footsteps