Armageddon At the Door
Armageddon At the Door
By Jon Paulien

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No one would argue the fact that we live in uncertain times. Freedom as we knew it changed drastically after September 11. Scientists tell us that the earth won’t be able to support the existence of life much longer. Rampant crime and new drug-resistant diseases threaten our lives. In the back of our minds is the nagging foreboding that our planet is doomed.

It is.

And God has told us how it will all end.

Shrouded in symbols and masked with astonishing imagery, the final events of earth’s history are unfolded in the book of Revelation. That’s where it gets tricky. Deciphering the clues hidden in Revelation and scattered throughout the Bible isn’t for the faint of heart. But understanding this difficult book is vital for God’s people at the end of time.

Jon Paulien searches the Scriptures to discover what the battle of Armageddon is—and who it will involve. His clear, concise explanation of the many confusing symbols found in John’s vision unveils the mystery surrounding this battle and provides answers crucial to our understanding of earth’s final events.