By Stephen Hall

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For the first time, Besieged presents a firsthand account by the author’s grandparents and other missionaries of the overwhelming trials and tribulations they suffered beside the Chinese people during the far-reaching struggle for China’s political unification.

When Stephen Hall discovered his grandmother’s 1928 diary from Mukden (now Shenyang), China, he felt compelled to preserve a record of the momentous historical events she and his grandfather had experienced as missionaries during the Chinese Civil War. After four years of intense research that confirmed the China stories that his grandparents had shared with him, he has written a thrilling firsthand account never before revealed to the public.

Stephen has designed and art-directed 32 regional and national magazines and served as art director for the Review and Herald Publishing Association. In addition to writing Besieged, he designed the book. The Society of Publication Designers, based in New York, profiled his career as a part of their fiftieth-anniversary celebrations. A seventh-generation native of Henry County, Kentucky, Stephen currently lives in Hagerstown, Maryland, with his wife, Linda.