Cooling Down Stress
Cooling Down Stress
By Cameron Johnston

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Chris Brooks’ new start-up is booming and everyone thinks he is a success. But when his 30-year-old sales manager unexpectedly dies of a heart attack and his friend Kate is diagnosed with cancer, Chris is forced to take an honest look at how he’s really doing.
Cooling Down Stress follows Chris and his wife Jessica as they attend a series of wellness seminars and learn strategies for managing their stress effectively. Based on author Cameron Johnston’s extensive experience in presenting seminars on this topic and his analogy of cooling down soup, this engaging book provides simple, practical steps to relieve stress, anxiety and depression, improve well-being and deal with deep-seated issues like anger and grief.

“Cameron’s books and the stress soup concept are outstanding.”
—Dr Hans A Diehl, bestselling author, founder of CHIP and Professor of Preventative Medicine, Loma Linda University, School of Medicine

Cameron Johnston holds a Master of Science in Public Health from Loma Linda University and a Master of Divinity from Andrews University. After 20 years as a successful pastor, Cameron became a lifestyle consultant, presenting the “Cooling Down Stress” seminar to business and professional groups in Australia, Canada and the United States.