Cooling Down Teen Stress
Cooling Down Teen Stress
By Delight Johnson Chandler

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An exciting story, by a teen for teens, that relates to the stresses of everyday life.

Live a year with Derisa—an energetic, smart, caring and otherwise typical high school student—as she navigates challenges in and out of school. Her story deals with real life-and-death issues, like dating, parents, fear, jobs, grades, suicide and grief.

Following each chapter is an interactive stress strategy, providing readers with awareness tools and tips to assess and manage their stress. There are practical solutions for external stressors like not enough time, money or friends, as well as for deep-seated, internal stressors like low self-worth, guilt and negative emotions. This book is a must-read for every teenager.

“This book is great, I love it. Very inspirational and it has helped me with stress.”—Stephanie, Year 9, Nunawading Christian College, Australia

“Very well written, especially because the author is a teenager! Phrasing and word choice are age and culture appropriate.”—Writer’s Digest