Easy Obedience
Easy Obedience
By Kay Kuzma

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Foundations of Parenting

Is obedience ever really easy? Some might argue that it’s impossible! But I disagree.

Parenting will always have its challenges, but with a foundation of understanding and love, and a willingness to meet your child’s basic needs, you can apply the techniques in Easy Obedience and experience the pleasure of rearing a child who is generally willing to obey.

This is really a book about the importance of self-discipline. Many parents think that making children obey is what parenting is all about. Instead, our job should be to encourage children to become self-disciplined.

To discipline really means to teach. I’ve been a teacher of young children, as well as university students for many years, and the same techniques that are successful in the classroom can revolutionize your home. So I offer you a method of discipline based on a foundation of educational theory and practice, coupled with the practical experience of rearing three grown children with my husband, Jan. It is a method that has stood the test of time.

Happy Parenting!
Kay Kuzma


  1. Lessons I've Learned From Children
  2. Goals for Easy obedience
  3. Parenting Styles for Easy Obedience
  4. Attention and the Love Cup Principle
  5. Power and the String Strategy
  6. Revenge and Iceberg Psychology
  7. Preparation for Confrontation
  8. Teaching Easy Obedience
  9. Setting Obeyable Limits
  10. The Power of Being Positive
  11. Let Children Live With the Consequences
  12. Time-out for Behavior Modification
  13. Shock Therapy
  14. Problem Solving Through Negotiation
  15. Freedom for Responsibility
  16. Playing Problems Away
  17. Teaching Values Early
  18. Age-Related Problems of Young Children
  19. The Challenging Years With Older Children
  20. Parenting Prodigal Children
  21. When You Don't Have an Answer-Give It to God