Effective Pastoral Ministry
Effective Pastoral Ministry
By Nikolaus Satelmajer

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Distinguished pastors from around the world share their experience and wisdom.

In an age of instant worldwide messaging, it seems appropriate that pastors encourage one another, share ideas, and learn from one another. This book, the most comprehensive ever published in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination on pastoral ministry, covers a broad range of topics featuring various aspects of ministry that will be exceptionally useful to Adventist ministers around the world. Over twenty individuals who have pledged their lives to congregational ministry have written chapters focused on the latest and best methods for ministry.

“Insightful and engaging . . . a must-read for the effective pastor.”
–Dave Weigley President, Columbia Union

“You need this book! . . . Every experienced leader, as well as seminary students preparing for the ministry, will grow as they read, implement, and share this important resource.”

–James A. Cress Ministerial Assoc. Secretary  General Conference of SDA