Face to Face with Forgiveness
Face to Face with Forgiveness
By Kay D. Rizzo

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"From the moment the church elders burst into her home, Mary knew she was a dead woman. There would be no plea-bargaining, no mercy.  She'd been caught in the act of adultery.  She turned to the man who spent the last hours promising love.  He was gone. She was all alone. No story in the Bible better illustrates Jesus' mission on earth than does the story of Mary Magdalene, presumed to be worthless and hopeless by her church and community. Jesus' actions showed a different face of God. "Mary's story brings hope to the most guilt-ridden sinner. No matter what you've done or where your sin has taken you, sweet forgiveness can be yours.  As Mary was, you will be astounded by the love you see there--the love Jesus has for you personally."