Failure is not Final
Failure is not Final
By Roger Hernandez

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Everybody loves a winner!

No one wants to walk around with a big L stamped in the middle of their forehead. We all want to be part of the winning team. Right? But statistics remind us that everyone—yes, that means you—will experience failure in their lives. It’s a fact.Failure is not Final is written to get you past your failures to the success that is often found just one step beyond. 

The difference between successful, achieving people and average people is their perception and response to failure. Author Roger Hernández uses biblical principles and stories, practical advice, and Bible promises to guide you through the why, what, and how of failure. You will examine the reasons why we fail, what lessons we can learn from failure, and how we can react in a healthy, optimistic way to failure. 

You will discover that positive benefits can accompany negative experiences. Hernández states, “Just because you have failed, doesn’t mean you are a failure. Failure can teach you, but it does not have to define you.” Failure is not Final is a useful guide that will help men and women move beyond their mistakes to fulfill their potential and achieve success.