Forty Centuries of Law and Liberty
Forty Centuries of Law and Liberty
By Varner J. Johns

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The history of our world is a history of many long, weary centuries of oppression, with the rights of men and the freedom of spirit impaled upon the stake of intolerance. It was a great victory for human liberty when the American philosophy of life and government declared the inalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” 

Freedom of worship is a glorious heritage handed down to us by the fathers of the republic. The enjoyment of our God-given and blood-bought freedom has become commonplace to many of us, as we have forgotten the struggle of the centuries against intolerance, the conflicts of church and state, the persecutions, and the bloodshed. “External vigilance” is the price that must be paid if liberty is to be maintained.  

Will America forget its past and allow the sun of her greatness to set in the western sky and the darkness of tyranny cover the land where liberty found its fullness?  

Forty Centuries of Law and Liberty by Varner J. Johns, J.D., expresses the principles that have made the American people sovereigns in human rights and hopes to re-kindle the spirit of human liberty and free government in the hearts of men.