Grounds for Belief
Grounds for Belief
By Ed Dickerson

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Change is inevitable—except from vending machines.
Times change. It’s not your daddy’s world anymore. Today we live in a decentralized, media-dominated, postmodern world. The Internet enables the exchange of ideas and information unimagined by previous generations. Facts and opinions bombard us via e-mail, cell phones, I-pods, and satellite TV. We’re more connected electronically than ever before, but more of us feel isolated and lacking in close friends.

Is there such a thing as truth anymore? Can we tell who is telling the truth?

Ed Dickerson thinks so. He specializes in making Christianity accessible to contemporary audiences. “Like the Apostle Paul,” he says, “ ‘I'd rather say five words that everyone can understand and learn from than say ten thousand that sound to others like gibberish’.” (1 Corinthians 14:19, The Message).

Seekers, debaters, the proud, and the humble come to his Grounds for Belief café. Some come for the baked goods and others for games. Some to condemn and some to praise, but all, including you, are welcome there.

Don’t be shortchanged! Come along and eavesdrop on the conversations taking place at the café. And don’t be surprised if they turn philosophical and then spiritual, or if you find grounds for belief that really make sense to you.