Journey to Freedom
Journey to Freedom
By Patricia Maxwell

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In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issues his famous Emancipation Proclamation freeing "all slaves in areas still in rebellion," and in 1865, the Civil War ended, making it possible for that proclamation to become a reality for black Americans. Nine years later, Anna Knight was born. 

Although Anna's family members were no longer slaves, people were still held in bondage by ignorance and prejudice. 

What would you do if you were born into a poor family and didn't have an opportunity to go to school? Many people would just stay ignorant--but not Anna Knight. By determination, hard work, and God's help, she overcame every difficulty she met; and at the age of ninety-seven she received her church's highest award for educational excellence, the Medallion of Merit. Born to former slave parents, Anna went on to share God's love at home and abroad. Hers was truly a Journey to Freedom