Living the Spirit-filled Life
Living the Spirit-filled Life
By Douglas Cooper

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To the unaided eye, the curved face of the dam looks strong, massive, solid. But a lacework of hairline cracks races unseen over its surface. Pressure builds, and then— suddenly the dam gives way. Pentecost! A towering wall of unleashed power explodes forward, surging down the corridors of human need. The Holy Spirit—the mighty river of living water Jesus described in John 7—has been set free! And the world will never be the same. Do you need power, Christian? Power to make a saving impact on sin-calloused hearts? Power to live God’s love in dazzling clarity in your church, your home, your workplace? Popular author Douglas Cooper urges us to claim our treasure—to stop living beneath our privileges—to step into the river and be baptized with the Holy Spirit.