Loud Let It Ring!
Loud Let It Ring!
By Allen Steele

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"Adventist World Radio is one of the largest and best-known shortwave broadcasting organizations in the world. Seventeen long-range transmitters, located in six countries, cover the world with the everlasting gospel. Many local stations also broadcast AWR programming. In the former Soviet Union, for example, AWR supports the Voice of Hope broadcast from than nine-hundred local stations. A recent BBC poll in Russia revealed that this is the most popular religious program heard on those stations.


Hundreds of letters from appreciative AWR listeners pour into Bible schools, many from areas where the gospel cannot be preached in person. I would be impossible to count the number of church members whose interest was first awakened by an AWR broadcast.


All this has not come about through human effort alone. It has taken twenty-five years of miracles for AWR to grow form one station broadcasting twelve hours per week in ten languages to its current schedule of more than one thousand hours of programming per week in forty languages.


Allen Steele, with his wife, Andrea, began AWR's first broadcasts in 1971. Today, they lead out in AWR's worldwide programming and public relations. This book tells the exciting story of God's leading in their lives and in the development of Adventist world Radio and the voice of hope for all peoples."