Pocket Dictionary for Understanding Adventism
Pocket Dictionary for Understanding Adventism
By Michael W. Campbell

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Who needs a dictionary of Seventh-day Adventism? You do!

For readers new to Adventism, this pocket dictionary will:

  • Provide a clear explanation of Seventh-day Adventist doctrines and their history
  • Explore the relationship between Ellen G. White’s writings and the Bible
  • Help you understand unfamiliar terminology
  • Introduce you to some of the interesting people who shaped our faith family
  • Teach you the meaning and background of some of our unique lingo
  • Answer your questions about Adventist lifestyle
  • Explain even complex theological terms in an easy-to-understand way.

With hundreds of easily-found alphabetical entries and valuable introductory articles, even long-term Adventists can discover better ways to explain some of the important and exceptional elements of our faith.