Pointed and Personal
Pointed and Personal
By Ray Markham

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A fresh and incisive examination of the cutting-edge teaching of Jesus in the parables.

Ray Markham – author of 
What Kind of Power Is This? (on the miracles of Jesus) and Greater Expectations (on the Sermon on the Mount) – provides the background to each of the parables. He also explains how pointed and personal the messages of the parables were for the first-century readers of the gospels.

Each chapter concludes with a series of questions for group discussion and a series of points for personal prayer, reflection and practical application.

Ray Markham is a husband, father, grandfather, teacher and keen sportsman. After many years in church leadership, Ray’s preaching and teaching ministry is now being appreciated by an increasing number of churches. He is also an active member of Gideons International, and a professional, international cricket scorer.