Powerful Passages
Powerful Passages
By Ron Watts

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True stories of people whose lives were changed by a single scripture.


The "moment of truth" in the lives of remarkable Christians.

So often, we hear about "the one Bible text" that changed an individual's life forever. How does it happen? Can the Bible possibly pack so much power that its words can transform darkness into light, non-believers into believers?

Powerful Passages recounts the incredible and inspirational true stories of remarkable Christians throughout history whose pivotal moments in life were their direct encounters with specific Bible passages. Just three examples:

MARK 8:35. The verse that inspired Dr. Albert Schweitzer to devote his life to the service of humanity, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952.

ROMANS 1:17. When young Martin Luther heard God speak to him through Romans 1:17, his life took a 180-degree turn away from his previous understanding of salvation. He devoted his life to sharing the good news of righteousness by faith with the German people, making him the Father of the Reformation.

1 KINGS 18:39. Hannah Hurnard thought that God would never speak to her. Yet, in a moment of truth with 1 Kings 18:39, her life took on meaning and peace. She later became a missionary to Palestine, where most of her life was spent working with the Jews.

Authors Ron and Dorothy Watts offer proof of the power of God's Word with these and other awe-inspiring stories that you can use to add meaning to family worship, provide topics of discussion for prayer groups, or share with shut-ins to brighten their day.