Prayer Still Moves Mountains
Prayer Still Moves Mountains
By Diane Pestes

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Do you ever get so shaken in the middle of a book that you skip to the end to make sure everything turns out OK?


As Christians, we believe our story ends with “happily ever after.” Until then, “God moments” are abundant, even in the midst of life’s chaos.


Prayer Still Moves Mountains reminds us that God loves to respond to the sincere prayers of His children. He still performs miracles through us and for us, allows angels to touch our lives, and waits alongside us for eternity’s arrival. Through these pages, you’ll learn how to:



    • know who you are in Christ,


    • respond to people who have anger issues,


    • remain assured when loved ones die,


    • discern if a door is closed or open,


    • and more!



God is not watching from a safe distance. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and His army of holy angels, God has heavenly boots on the ground right now, guiding our steps and answering our calls for help. This compilation of heartfelt, personal vignettes about answered prayer will renew your spiritual strength for the last chapter of Earth’s story.