Pretenders to the Throne
Pretenders to the Throne
By Roland R. Hegstad

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Peace and Safety?

The rapidity with which the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall collapsed stunned world leaders. Cries of “peace and safety” abounded. What’s next?

Through the ages many world leaders have laid claim to the title “Master of Eternity.” Each professed to have the answer to man’s misery. Their answers, awash with the blood of innocents only deepened the despair.

Pretenders to the Throne dares to peek behind the curtain of perestroika and into the prophetic pages of Daniel and Revelation. From God’s Word comes news, not of a man-made peace, but of an everlasting kingdom of love that Christ Himself will establish. 

You must know the truth behind today’s headlines . . . and the answers the true Master of Eternity has for your life.