Redemption in Romans
Redemption in Romans
By John C. Brunt

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Romans is the longest of Paul’s letters. It’s filled with big words such as justification, redemption, and expiation, and it speaks of God’s wrath. That’s enough to scare even the most diligent Bible student. “But,” says John Brunt, “Romans wasn’t written for scholars. It was written for ordinary Christians.”Redemption in Romans is a commentary on this letter of Paul’s to the Christians who were living in Rome. But it’s not a heavy detailed, verse-by-verse commentary. Instead, it picks up on the main ideas of the letter, gives us the important background information, helps us understand those ideas, and shows how they lead us to Paul’s main point – the reason he wrote the letter. And what was that reason? Many people believe it was the heavy theology with which Paul began the letter. But Brunt says No. Paul wrote the theological part of the letter as a foundation for what he considered most important: how Christians should live. He wanted the Romans to stop judging each other, to stop arguing about food and drink, and to … (You’ll have to read the book!) This book answers in a simple, satisfying way common questions about Romans: What did Paul mean by what he wrote about the Jews in Romans 9-11? What did he have in mind when he wrote, “Christ is the end of the law”(Romans 10:4)? And who are the “weak” and the “strong” in chapters 14 and 15?

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