She Said No
She Said No
By Kay D. Rizzo

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The single blow across my face stung with his indignant passion. I closed my eyes and tried to escape into another world as a stream of blood traced my lip. Yesterday, I was dreaming of spending the rest of my life with him; now, through tears of pain, I stare up into the contorted face of a stranger and know my dream will forever be a nightmare.

The game Heather played menacingly toyed with my ego. The "good girl" image made her ask me to stop. But I knew she wanted it as bad as I did. She started the game; I thought I was following her lead.

Date Rape is a terrifying, violent physical assault that leaves emotional scars that may never heal. Statistics tell us that one in every four women will be raped, yet only 16 percent will report it to the police. Rape is a crime in which everybody loses- the victim, the perpetrator, their families. And even future loved ones will be haunted by the memory.

She Said No is a love story that turned into rage. Neither Heather nor Josh believed in love at first sight, but when they met, their preconceived notion vanished. Almost from the beginning, the physical nature of their relationship threatened to push the couple over passion's edge to compromise and ruin. Each view their relationship differently, and when their ideas collided, two lives were severely damaged in the emotional wreckage of a criminal act.

The subject matter of this book may seem shocking to Christians yet the characters involved in this sad tale are young people who attended a Christian college and who made a commitment to Christ. The no-nonsense message to both young men and young women regarding their choices and responsibility for their actions is worth the price of the book."