Swimming Against the Current
Swimming Against the Current
By Chris Blake

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“When Jesus says, as He does often, ‘He who has ears, let him hear,’ He means hear what you should. God exhorts the lazy to ‘work harder.’ and the workaholic to ‘take it easy’ and the sluggard relaxes as the frenzied worker increases effort. The question is not, What do I agree with? The question is, what do I need to hear?

Swimming Against the Current contains stories, poems, questions, and observations. Some of the many short chapters will challenge you. Others, you will exult in. You’ll find some new thoughts, and some of them will stick with you.

Read these diverse messages and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit urging you to spiritual growth and practical course corrections in your life.

"From the very first paragraph, Blake takes readers on a thrilling and often humorous journey of discovering God and life as you never saw them before.” —Sam McKee, senior pastor, Sunnyvale Seventh-day Adventist Church, Sunnyvale, California

"This book will make you want to keep nudging the person next to you to say, “Listen to this!” and will keep you turning pages long after you should have turned out the lights. Blake has produced essential reading for anyone who wants to know more fully what it means to follow Christ.”—Bettina Krause, special assistant to the president, General Conference.

“Chris Blake writes with thought, humor, warmth, and passion. In Swimming Against the Current, he describes a kind of life, a kind of faith, and a kind of church that cares, that matters and that can make a difference in the world—and that I want to be a part of."—Nathan Brown, author, Revelation; editor, Signs of the Times and Record in the South Pacific Division.