Testimony of a Seeker
Testimony of a Seeker
By Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

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On a sunlit playground at an age when they all should have still been playing hopscotch, Jennifer was pinned to the ground by classmates, the victim of malicious abuse. Her feelings of estrangement from her peers became seeds of unrest that later blossomed into a spiritual hunger that nothing seemed to satisfy.

Rejecting Christianity, Jennifer gravitated toward the more popular Eastern religions of the 1960s. If it wasn't in Yoga or Zen, Jennifer sought escape through alcohol, food, tobacco, parties, or drugs. Jennifer's quest for peace turned her increasingly inward, and when she hooked up with a fanatical, self-supporting Adventist group, her bent towards self-righteousness found a ready breeding ground. Anorexia became Jennifer's testament to her new-found religious zeal. But even as she lost weight, she found her gift of singing and music – a gift she still offers to thousands today.

Testimony Of a Seeker is the story of one woman's journey to grace. Though filled with many twists and turns, Jennifer's journey nevertheless serves as an encouragement to all fellow seekers that God is never far from any of us.