The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier - John
The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier - John
By Jon Paulien

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Of all the disciples, John seems to have responded most fully to the love and deepest messages of Jesus. It is no surprise, then, that of all the Gospels, many today respond most fully to John’s record of Christ’s life. 

In John’s Gospel, we are introduced to Jesus as John knew Him: approachable, yet all-powerful. A Creator driven by a love beyond all description to save those to whom He had given life. 

The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier series is aimed at helping readers understand the Bible better. Rather than merely offering comments on or about the Bible, each volume seeks to enable people to study their Bibles with further understanding. 

Busy church members, pastors, teachers, and both beginning and seasoned Bible students will find the Abundant Life Bible Amplifier to be one of the most valuable, user-friendly study tools they’ve ever owned.