The Battle Belongs to the Lord - 2023 Mission Book of the Year
The Battle Belongs to the Lord - 2023 Mission Book of the Year
By Elizabeth Talbot

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We All Have Battles


No human life is free from adversity. From the moment we arrive on this planet, we face internal and external challenges to our existence. We learn to flee or fight. We strive to cope, taking wins and losses in varying proportions, but we all struggle. How can we succeed? Do we even have the tools to do so? Maybe you have been told that all the resources you need to win at life reside within you. Not so. The book you have in your hands contains perhaps the most powerful insight for facing life’s persistent traumas—you don’t have to fight alone.


In these pages, you will find solid biblical evidence for the fact that the path of faith is much more than a coping mechanism. The stories of Old Testament conflicts will clearly show that God is willing and able to fight with you and for you in your battles for understanding, reassurance, perception, and against discouragement, fear, and powerlessness. This is real. The God of the Bible has a message for you.