The Fragmenting of Adventism
The Fragmenting of Adventism
By William G. Johnsson

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"Can the Seventh-day Adventist church survive despite success? Do our schools produce committed Christians, or do they turn our children into disinterested skeptics? Will the Adventism that galvanized the GI Generation fizzle in the hands of Generation X? Will independent ministries split the church?

William G. Johnsson has served as editor of the Adventist Review since 1982. In these years he has watched his church struggle through times of both intense debate and debilitating apathy. But the hardest of challenges, and the brightest hopes, may lie just ahead as Adventism confronts the factors that threaten it with fragmentation.

What ten factors will have the strongest impact on Adventism in the next five years? Will they strengthen or weaken the church? Can we respond in a way that will assure that all ten work together for good?

Doctor Johnsson has traveled extensively, meeting with Adventists, listening to the heartbeat of the church on every continent. He is well qualified to assess, analyze, and explain the current state of Adventism. Better yet, his pastor's heart cares about his church enough to prescribe a program for strengthening it so it will survive and prosper despite the fragmenting forces. Every Adventist who is concerned for his or her church needs to read this book and consider what part he or she should play in confronting the ten fragmenting factors.