Winning Over Sinning
Winning Over Sinning
By Patricia Maxwell

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"How can I stop using bad language?" "How can I conquer wrong sexual thoughts and deeds?" "How can I stop overeating, smoking cigarettes, using drugs?"

Overcoming sin is a great deal like winning a race. The Olympic Games offer a great way to illustrate God's principles for victory over temptation. 

In God's kingdom, everyone can be a winner! God calls people to success, not failure. And He's able to bring it about. But if this is true, then why does Christian perfection seem so elusive, so impossible? You made a bundle of improvements, but there's always a flaw somewhere. How can any of us make the winner's circle in heaven with so much imperfection on earth?

You'll find Patricia Maxwell's answers to these questions reassuring, practical, and easy to understand.