7 Mysteries Solved
7 Mysteries Solved
By Howard Peth

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Important Questions About Life

  • What happens at death?
  • The resurrection
  • Is there a literal hell?
  • Is man a created being?
  • 666: history’s strange mark
  • A monument in time
  • The second coming of Christ

We’ve all asked ourselves questions like these: Does God exist? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? Is there any meaning or purpose in life?

These questions are answerable, though author Howard Peth did not always feel that way. Today many voices claim to have the answers to satisfy mankind’s spiritual quest for meaning. Yet even within Christianity itself people have questioned long-standing precepts and teachings. What do the scriptures actually say about tenets such as hell-fire, resurrection, and the nature of man? Will the Second Coming of Christ be literally realized? And more important—how do these matters relate to a reality of faith in this fast-paced age?

Author and research Howard Peth turns to an ancient book—the Bible—for the answers and takes a closer look. For anyone who has pondered the mysteries of life and what the scriptures say on these key issued, Peth’s well-researched book is surely worth the read. 7 Mysteries Solved does not assume the reader believes in God. It meets readers where they are and leads them to logical solutions for seven of the most puzzling mysteries ever to confront mankind.

Detail-packed and complete with surprises, this volume is written in the vein of a detective unraveling a series of mysteries. You’ll find it hard to put down.