A Language for the Heart
A Language for the Heart
By Steven Mosley

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Have you ever wondered why “pagans” often prosper, while Christians barely make ends meet?

Have you ever been so depressed you considered—ever so fleetingly—the possibility of suicide?

Have you ever been bored senseless by the worship services at your church?           

Very possibly, these questions, thoughts, and feelings have all been yours—and many others besides. If so, reading this book may prove to one of the most compelling watershed experiences of your entire Christian life. For in these pages a gifted young writer introduces his readers to an intensely personal God.

Author Steven Mosley show how, as revealed in the book of Psalms, our God listens to us with total concentration, acts for us with total power, revels in our honest questions and complaints,—and craves intimate companionship with us.

Replete with fresh, telling illustrations, A Language for the Heart is that rare book to be coveted above most others—a book that moves us ahead a quantum leap in our personal relationship with God.