God's Christmas Cards
God's Christmas Cards
By Dan Jackson and David B. Smith

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Woven through each story in the Bible, the golden threads of Godís love and providence reveal a God who is gracious and forgiving, slow to anger and abounding in compassion Ė unlike His children who most often judge harshly and unjustly.

So what do you think God would say today to Casey Anthony, Tiger Woods, President Barack Obama, Jaycee Dugard, John Edwards, or Bernie Madoff? And what would God say to you?

Within the pages of this little book is a collection of Christmas cards, each one capturing a thought of what God might share with some of todayís good, bad, and ugly.† Drawing from several closely paralleled Bible stories, the authors share a special Christmas message, and in doing so, remind us that no sin is so spectacular that it canít be canceled by the blood of Jesus.