It's Time
It's Time
By Reinder Bruinsma

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"Enough of just talking the talk...?

"Now be a good Adventist and go to church, pay your tithe, but don't . . . "

What's this Seventh-day Adventist belief, really?

Tofu. No TV on Sabbath. De-caf coffee.

Why the need for doctrines? Where's the advantage, anyway? Improving you golf swing? Seriously, what difference does it make what you believe? How do the church's doctrines help you to be a better Christian? Are they relevant to today's issues and problems? In the day-to-day, does living the truth make any sense?

If you've ever asked questions like these, then you know it's time you got the answers. Answers that matter. Answers that motivate you to live your faith in the real world. Answers that transform Adventist traditions into heartfelt convictions.

If you agree that Adventism shouldn't be the "dos & don'ts" and just a bunch of talk . . . And if you're ready to start walking the walk with Jesus . . ."