Scrapbook Stories of Ellen White
Scrapbook Stories of Ellen White
By Ernest Lloyd

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Imagine that you were Mrs. Ellen White’s little boy or girl more than one hundred years ago.

What kind of stories do you think Mrs. White would read to you? What important lessons would she want you to learn? How would the children in these stories be different from you and your friends today? Would they talk different play different? Like different things?

You don’t have to guess!

Elder and Mrs. White had three children of their own. It was for these boys that Mrs. White first gathered her favorite stories and put them all in scrapbooks.

Ernest Lloyd, then editor of Our Little Friend®, spent several months at Mrs. White’s home known as “Elmshaven.” Willie White, one of Mrs. White’s sons, let Mr. Lloyd read two of Mrs. White’s precious scrapbooks full of stories. Mr. Lloyd selected and edited the best of these scrapbook stories and put them into this little book.

Imagine that you were Mrs. Ellen White’s little boy or girl. Enjoy these stories selected just for you!