Slow Down and Simplify
Slow Down and Simplify
By Beverly G. Stickle

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Slow Down and Simplify contains easy steps for rediscovering peace in your life. Tips and advice from those who've learned how to simplify finances, shopping, schedules, cooking, gift giving, child care, pet-and much, much more. This book also contains special chapter on being involved in church.

Many people want to simplify their lives. Some buy books on how to simplify. But it makes them tired just to think about how much work it would be to read the book and take the time to change. I hope you won’t feel that way about this book. I’ve tried to make it easy to read¾ a book that suggests simple ways to simplify. As you read, I hope you’ll feel that you can at least try to simplify without spending too much energy, money, or time.