Your Religion Is Too Small
Your Religion Is Too Small
By Steven Mosley

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For many Adventist believers, the problem is not a small picture of God, but a small practice of religion. “Too many times,” says author Steven Mosley, “our religion gets centered around the petty details, the accessories of the Christian life. We’re confined to a world of miniature rights and wrongs. And many of our most passionate concerns seem terribly trivial to people watching from the outside.” 

In Your Religion Is Too Small, Mosley calls us away from niggling pieties that make us feel righteous but do little good for the hurting world around us. He calls us to serve a grander God, to turn from narrow religiosity to the “big picture” of true humility, honor, and allegiance. 

Through many real-life stories of great men and women of faith, he demonstrates these inspiring virtues and shows us how to live the “good life.”